Safari Debugging Thu, Jan 4, 2007

Been trying to figure out the javascript weirdness for Safari. Had done searches before without success. This time I came up with this from Apple’s web site. Actually comes in handy. Didn’t help me solve my problem. Will require much more brain power than I had at the time.

  1. How do I debug JavaScript in Safari?

Safari’s “Debug” menu allows you to turn on the logging of JavaScript errors. To display the debug menu, open a Terminal window and type:

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

Now relaunch Safari and check the “Log JavaScript Exceptions” menu item in the Debug menu. In Safari 1.3 and above, select the “Show JavaScript Console” menu item and the JavaScript Console window will open to display JavaScript exceptions. For Safari versions before 1.3, JavaScript exceptions will appear in the Console application (/Applications/Utilities/Console).

Safari 1.3 and above supports explicit logging of arbitrary information

  • similar to Objective-C NSLog() - function by using window.console.log() in your JavaScript. All messages are routed to the JavaScript Console window and show up nicely in a dark green, to easily differentiate themselves from JavaScript exceptions.