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    Triplicate Font

    Quick recommendation for my favorite mono spaced font Triplicate. It’s head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion and I’ve tried just about all of them over the years. DejaVu had been my all-time favorite for decades. No matter what I tried I would always come back. With the higher resolution retina displays that old font began to look somehow puffy and bloated. Fuzzy even. Looking for a replacement I tried Source Code Pro, Hack, Ubuntu’s font, but always ended up switching back to DejaVu.

    Site History

    Recently switched the static generator behind this web log again. Lets take a minute to reflect on the sortid history of this steaming pile. I lost whatever content I had created early on (pre 2002-ish). Too many system changes back then. Running the whole thing on a little Linux workstation in the basement of our house. Mail server, web server, personal workstation. Good stuff. The original version was written in C++.

    House Cleaning

    A little cleanup of bookmarks and reading list items. Accumulation has created a backlog of things I haven’t had the chance to read and instead of cluttering up my bookmarks I’ll clutter up my blog. Distrubted Computing Madness onecache distributed cache. Trying to write something similar if it ever works out hraftd Simple demonstration of using raft in an application. Another good starting point for distributed applications freecache Zero GC overhead caching library.

    Let's Encrypt

    Back in the early 90’s, back in my day, encryption for web sites was only for the big corporations and… well, that was about it. Obtaining a certificate was super expensive and wrapped in red tape. These days it’s not as bad, but possibly more confusing. EV certs vs “regular”. Are you using a chained cert or?? Maintaining the infrastructure is another nightmare. It’s easy to make little mistakes and in a production setting that can be catastrophic.

    Best of 2014

    Not getting skunked another year on the blog. In the grand tradition of taking the easy way out here is a Top whatever List for 2014. Emacs This year saw the return of Emacs as my preferred text editor. A list of the progression with estimated dates goes something like 1991 - 1992 TPU 1992 - 1998 Emacs 1998 - 2002 Vi(m) 2003 - 2006 Emacs 2006 - 2009 Textmate 2009 - 2011 Emacs (again) 2011 - 2014 Sublime Text 2 March, 2014 - Present Emacs (again again) Seems like it’s always a good time to come back to emacs.