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  • Less Wet More Dry

    Another go through Jer’s wet/dry rig setup. Always a lot of fun Compunction Dysfunction Bar One Hulchy Dogpile Of Chaos NWS Intermezzo Rain Wrap

  • Free Time

    Picked up an old Mesa Boogie Mark IIb (1981) that needed quite a bit of work. Managed to get it back into good-enough shape for a Wenj. New reverb tank and probably more caps and resistors to replace. Still sounds pretty cool for an amp that appeared to be stored in a barn for last 20 years. 3N Sword Cop Wafer Thin Mint Bad Jack 81 Stun

  • Wet and Dry

    Jeremy set up his ensemble of amps in a wet/dry configuration. Effects only going through the kitchen sink leaving the Z-Wreck all dry. Was a lot of fun to try out and I think it sounds fantastic. Abochon Illative Nager Astrut Wakerife Isogeny Krimmer

  • Post Date

    Finally posting from last month. First foray with the little mesa I believe. Deliquesce Sumgumption Dongle Dinger Bastardo

  • Random Conversations

    Two weeks in a row! What a streak. Played the Mill City guitar through the Z Wreck Jr. again. Quite a match in my opinion. Growly. Brought over pedalboard Rev 219. Recent additions include a BOSS OC-5 octave pedal that I found used at Lavonne music. Impossible to find since the chip shortage started. Also picked up the Fairfield Circuitry ~900 fuzz (about 900) from El Diablo my all time favorite music store.

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Instead of posting the semi-bi-weekly jams here Jer has been uploading them to spotify. Same for when Dave comes to town, just under a different band name.