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  • Wet and Dry

    Jeremy set up his ensemble of amps in a wet/dry configuration. Effects only going through the kitchen sink leaving the Z-Wreck all dry. Was a lot of fun to try out and I think it sounds fantastic. Abochon Illative Nager Astrut Wakerife Isogeny Krimmer

  • Post Date

    Finally posting from last month. First foray with the little mesa I believe. Deliquesce Sumgumption Dongle Dinger Bastardo

  • Random Conversations

    Two weeks in a row! What a streak. Played the Mill City guitar through the Z Wreck Jr. again. Quite a match in my opinion. Growly. Brought over pedalboard Rev 219. Recent additions include a BOSS OC-5 octave pedal that I found used at Lavonne music. Impossible to find since the chip shortage started. Also picked up the Fairfield Circuitry ~900 fuzz (about 900) from El Diablo my all time favorite music store.

  • A Brief Excursion

    Didn’t have a ton of time which might have been a good thing. Get right down to business. Just showed up with a guitar and played through Jer’s Z Wreck Jr. Great amp. Jer laid down some killer grooves. Good time now matter how brief. Remeant Interdendritic

  • It did get loud

    Back in action! It might get loud? No, it definitely got loud. First night for the Mill City guitar to see the Sanctum Sonorum. Red amp, red guitar. Unplanned, but welcome. And a happy Wenj to all! Ruly Alectryomachy Kilderkin Unruly