Grandma Deaver Thu, Jan 4, 2007

We had expected this for some time, yet it’s still unfortunate.

Grandma passed away January 3, 2007 at the age of 84. My cousin <a href="">Sean</a> has the details of her rich life. To quote:

Margaret Elizabeth Deaver (Parker) was born in Randolph, Missouri to Harvey Parker and Gladys Elizabeth Parker on March 8, 1922. She was married to Donald James Deaver and had 10 children, almost countless grandchildren and great grandchildren, and even a couple great-great grandchildren.

Grandma flew out to Maryland to help take care of me after my auto accident in high school. She was a very caring and special person in my life. The countless summer days on the farm in Nebraska. I will always remember her laugh and here great smile. Truly one of a kind.