Looks good, smells good Wed, Jan 3, 2007

Still having a hard time believing it. Our good friend Josh Green died on 12/19/2006. We always had this joke of rating things by look and smell. Looks good, smells good was obviously the ideal state, but others were not necessarily bad. For example his old brown truck that took us from Minnesota to Virginia Beach, VA to pick up his ‘68 mustang looked bad and smelled bad (thanks to some mice that built a nest in the air intake). Got us where we needed to go, and back again.

Josh and I sat closer for longer than two men should ever have to. In the booming days of Net Perceptions we shared a cube space no bigger than the average toilet stall. Too many stories to even recount. We shared many good times and a few sad ones. He was always willing to help a friend out. Must have put about 100,000 miles on his honda civic doing so.

Here is the link to the Caring Bridge site for Josh.

Looks good, smells good.