More Misc Materials Wed, Jun 8, 2005

Some interesting tidbits for some downtime reading. Spent some time reading forums of people arguing about the effects of aging on a guitar. People often refer to a good old guitar as having been played in. To most that would mean a sweeter nicer sound, and sometimes even louder. Some people believe it’s all a crock and is just an idea planted in people’s minds by aliens. As for me I lean towards the camp that believes it is possible. Even after playing my spruce top for a few months the sound has changed considerably. It could be argued that my technique and/or playing ability has changed (some might say improved). Since there are no mass of scientists around you’ll have to take my word for it. In support of my claim here’s an article where some nutty people have tried to artificially age guitars . Pretty subjective in the end, but very interesting. Continuing down the path to enlightenment.. Factory vs. Handmade guitars is a lively little bit on how much better off you are in the long run to spend a little more on a quality hand made guitar rather than going with the cheaper factory option. The site is not available as I’m writing this. Crud. Hope it comes back.