Apple extras... Thu, Jun 16, 2005

Not much to report today… just blurbing.. iTunes music store is cool except for the dumb DRM that the downloaded files have. Found a pretty nifty tool in JHymn that will get rid of it all. Worked really slick. iPod related…<br /> I listen to a lot of classical music. The problem I have is that the levels some of the older tracks were recorded with is very low. So low in fact that sometimes when I’m in my car with the windows down I can turn my iPod up all the way and still not here the music. In comes Volume Booster for the iPod]. I guess in Europe the iPod is crippled with even less volume capability, so people had to hack their way around it to hear some loud tunage. It works pretty well, but needs to re-sync all the songs every time a change is made to the volume settings. This can be avoided with a simple procedure they include. Works pretty well, but you’ll need to watch out for the rocking tunes. They will be especially loud.