Tiger Tiger Tiger Tue, Jun 7, 2005

Upgraded my iBook to http://www.apple.com/macosx/ OS X 10.4 Sunday night. Went smooth as silk I’m happy to say. Haven’t had a chance to mess around with http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/spotlight/ Spotlight yet, but am looking forward to it greatly. Also the new Mail client seems to be pretty cool. Well, it lost all my filters. That wasn’t cool. On another Apple note. During a lazy Saturday morning I finally had the chance to play around with GarageBand. What a hoot. Hooked a single mic into my mixer and then into the iBook. Couple of clicks and it was recording. The sound quality was awesome, the performer’s quality was not so good. Ended up not saving any of the classical guitar pieces I played, but had a great time trying. Have to say - recording yourself and then listening and then replaying is a great learning technique. There were huge improvements in my playing even doing this a few times with a single piece of music. Will keep working on it and post some samples when I have time.