Extant Wanderings Wed, Feb 22, 2006

    > <li><a > href="">Joel on > Software write up on the usage of unicode in writing > programs</a>. Some excellent background as well.</li> > <li><a href= > ""></a> > - Appears to be an excellent luthier. A few interesting writings on > his page.</li> <li><a href= > ""></a> > carries <a href= > ""></a> > guitars which look to be very interesting. I would love to try one out > whenever I get back to Maryland again. Love his site and some of the > information on guitar building he provides. Kirk Patrick guitar is not > that far away from <a href= > "">Cryogas, Inc.</a> world > headquarters! Should be easy to visit whenever we get back that way > again.</li> <li><a href= > ""></a> > - cool idea. Don't like someone else holding all my data. Super > impressive what JavaScript can do these days.</li> > <li><a href= > "">Fast > food ice dirtier than toilet water</a>. Is that disgusting or > what?</li> </ul>