With great power... Wed, Feb 22, 2006

Being addicted to wiki’s I have been using a personal set up of MoinMoin to track many of the things I do on a daily basis. While it is excellent for my organization, it can quickly get out of hand. For example: I’ve been saving links of things I mean to go back and research with great vigor. However, as we all know life usually has other plans for us. Those links then sit there - forever. They are search-able. I could find them again. But it makes for a few really ugly pages of Web Wanderings and Research Items. Instead of plunking them all on one page, I’m thinking of making a daily entry like the one below. Extant Wanderings meaning not lost or destroyed. My thinking is this - if I do ever go back and want to look at any of this stuff there will be a possibility the context will help me out. It’s also fun to share what we are all into at any given time. Most of the things I end up looking at are the result of friends and family sending me links. Several times over in fact. Now that I think about it - if anyone sends me the Dr. Phil test again I will come over to your house and beat you with Jeremy’s sack of doorknobs.