Broomball injury report Fri, Jan 19, 2007

Well, we had the first broomball game of the year last night. Wasn’t such a good outing for the Wrecking Ballz. We lost the game and I managed to sit, not so gracefully, on my ankle. Possible season ending injury. Luckily I have lots of Advil and a nice black walnut branch to help me get around.

Have to say it was really nice of the U.S. Pond Hockey Championship people to hook me up with a little first aid. They sure didn’t have to, but were happy to help. Usually the championship is held on Lake Calhoun. This year, however, the ice was not sufficiently frozen in time, so they moved it to Lake Nokomis. Might have to take Sam down there to check out some of the action. That is - if I can get my bum wheel rolling again.