Pictures and experiments Fri, Jan 19, 2007

Experiments on multiple levels. Our favorite family photographer had us bring some accessories for the one year photo update. They turned out great. Makes me laugh.

The other end of the experiment is using Flickr to post photos on the web. I’m trying out their free account right now. I have to admit it’s pretty slick. The reason I stayed away from all the services like this before had to do with the fact you had to upload one image at a time. Now there are bulk upload tools that make the whole process painless. All sorts of neat organizational features are built in. Apparently we can print pictures directly from the site now. Still trying to get this figured out (along with the rest of my life), so I’ll make sure to report back once I get it nailed down. Until then shoot on over to our pictures -

Update: Added some more thumbnails. Like I said this is an experiment. We’ll see how it goes.