Snoball in the studio Wed, Jan 24, 2007

My Snoball USB Microphone came in last week. Have only had the chance to do a couple of recording sessions with it. Have to say for a home studio it’s the bomb. The sound is surprisingly clear. I thought there would be some strange hum or odd buzz I’d just have to live with. Not the case. And it beats the heck out of going from old junky microphone to the mixer through a bunch of odd connections into the computer. Just the mic - right into the computer. Garageband recognizes it right away. Set some levels. Start recording.

If I can get over the red light syndrome I’ll try to post some classical guitar recordings. For those that don’t know there is a specific syndrome that occurs when the red record light is on. Its effects range from fumbly fingers to completely forgetting a piece of music you’ve played for years. Usually hits me about halfway through a song. The stumble will happen, then I will completely forget the rest of the music. At least for about 2 seconds, but when you’re trying to record some songs a random 2 second pause in the middle of a song doesn’t sound too slick. A little too long to classify as rubato