Best of 2014 Sat, Dec 27, 2014

Not getting skunked another year on the blog. In the grand tradition of taking the easy way out here is a Top whatever List for 2014.


This year saw the return of Emacs as my preferred text editor. A list of the progression with estimated dates goes something like

Seems like it’s always a good time to come back to emacs. Will it stick? I’m thinking so. To be honest, I never really completely left it behind only using the fancy editors when working with a lot of files. With the advent of the package manager for emacs it has become simple to install things like Helm and Projectile. I found myself using the fancy editors less and less. Syntax checking has become trivial for my preferred languages (Python and Go). Unless something drastically changes this will be the deal for the foreseeable future. Emacs.


2014 also marked a change in how I write in meatspace as well as cyberspace. Tiring of fighting with ballpoints and gels I made the switch about halfway through the year. No more smearing (as much). No leaks. Doesn’t dry out. Pencils.

My current instrument of choice - Uni Kura Toga Roulette It auto-rotates the lead as you write so there is never really a flat spot as you go. Very slick. Something about the feel of writing with a pencil also. So enjoyable.

For even a little different feel I recently purchased some 2B lead which is softer than the standard HB we all grew up using. The 2B leaves a darker line and feels less scratchy. It doesn’t seem to smudge much worse, and still way better than any gel pen on any day of the week. 2B lead.

Duluth Trading Company

REI might finally have a contender as the Official Outfitter of Dana Sergent. The Duluth Trading Company

Only have a few items thus far, but all have been high quality and extremely well constructed. Their ads are hilarious on top of it. Finally some marketing I look forward to reading.


As paradoxical as it sounds I’ve ditched org-mode in Emacs in favor of Omnifocus. It’s just easier to use. That’s all there really is to it. Reducing friction is key is any task/todo system, so if it’s not working change something.

Here’s to a great and productive new year! May yours be happy and healthy!