Let's Encrypt Sat, Dec 12, 2015

Back in the early 90’s, back in my day, encryption for web sites was only for the big corporations and… well, that was about it. Obtaining a certificate was super expensive and wrapped in red tape. These days it’s not as bad, but possibly more confusing. EV certs vs “regular”. Are you using a chained cert or?? Maintaining the infrastructure is another nightmare. It’s easy to make little mistakes and in a production setting that can be catastrophic.

Today there is an up and coming alternative. Let’s Encrypt

This site, using caddy, automatically obtains a certificate for me and maintains the renewal for me. It was super simple to configure - I did nothing but use the new version of caddy - and my site is encrypted by default. Very cool. Might not be ready for production use yet, but the future is hopeful and filled with light.