Sun on Toes Tue, Jun 18, 2019

Trying to get back into the swing of things. The point of this one was to try and solve a major point of frustration I have with modern DAW setups. There is no really good way to alternate time signatures, or do anything crazy like have a bunch of different time signatures, or do anything creative at all. It quickly becomes a nightmare to manage in the software. A quick internet search yields the typical “Why would you want to do that?” answers. It’s no different in the computer science forums. Growing up listening to lots of prog metal/rock has caused me to have some really weird timing issues. I generally have a difficult time sticking to 4/4, so this is has been a sore spot since I started this journey.

Time to come up with some creative solutions. This is attempt No. 1. For this tiny example I set Cubase to use 16/8 time to give me back to back 6 count measures followed by a 4. I then created the super simple drum track to act as a faux click track emphasizing the start of each measure and the 4 count at the end. Still kind of a pain, but not too bad.