Ram Shackle Fri, May 17, 2019

This started out as an experiment with microphone placement, but after a few sweeps through I liked what was there and turned it into my weekly recording. Used both the Sennheiser e609 and my new Golden Age Project R1 (MkIII) Ribbon mic.

Also new is the amp used for recording. Traded a bunch of pedals for a Marshall DSL20HR. One of the best values in amps I have to admit. If there were a sound per dollar measurement it would be hard to beat this one. Recorded with Frankenstrat directly into the Marshall. Added some fx after the fact to the high guitar part. Other than that, nothing was done. Not even an EQ. Could have probably used a little to brighten things up a tad, but it’s Friday and I’ve got kids to run around!

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