Signed up for Vonage Wed, Dec 21, 2005

All the stuff came in the mail yesterday. The setup was quite easy. I decided to put it out in front of the server, so if there is any weirdness going on with mail or web services let me know. The only problem I foresee thus far is my crappy cable modem dying on me. It has a way of giving up when it’s taxed. Need to figure that one out. Might be calling Time Warner a few times. Put some customer service reps to the test.

For those of you that haven’t seen the commercials on TV - Vonage is a service that allows you to use the Internet to make phone calls. No long distance charges. Well, we’re giving it a shot. Always have to be cutting edge ya know.

If you want our new home number you probably know how to get a hold of us through other means. We haven’t had one in 2 years, so this should be fun again.