Comments Ahoy! Tue, Dec 20, 2005

How should I do this? Comments. Comments everywhere. Everyone has comments. Guess I’ve been avoiding the inevitable. So here goes.

I’ve loaded up the Page Comment2 macro and this is going to be the experiment. Going to leave it open for anonymous comments and everything. Just remember you’re being tracked!

To be really cool you could sign up for an account. Just click the Login button next to the search bar. There are many extra benefits to signing up. People I know, love, and respect will have access to almost everything. Those that I merely love and respect, but don’t know, will have access to nearly everything. Persons I know and respect, but don’t love - well, I probably had too much to drink that night, I apologize.

For now I’ll just include a link on each page for the comments. Eventually I will make it cooler. Add it to the list.