Translating Translations Thu, Apr 24, 2003

The following is a translation of the previous web log which can also be viewed on this blog somewhere.. need to find the link again.

I went to babelfish and translated it from english to german, then from german to french, then from french back into english. It’s about as good a laugh as one can get. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a smile put on their face. My favorite line is - It is really equal! Here goes:

Spruce still testing things up a top here with the Sergeants. I lasted once of the mornings of Saturday and again wrote something of the Web site, to work of Mod_Pythons with the interface of editor. It is really equal. I remember to consider it ahead, however for a reason decided not to currently use it it. I had perhaps only enough on my plate with the mod_pythonaufsteigen.

Thus is what you ask again?

Here, is a small list active to receive to us

* new trademark of Spiffy how?
* New addresses of bond much do not consider, but it is not for me
* modifications of model minuzioese much does not consider gentillement either this one.
* Files of book of edge of apparatus of network you can now consider all the old recordings of book of edge of apparatus of network. They can either click on the left the relation of book of edge of apparatus of network, or to click above the names of a category, to consider all the preceding recordings.

It is true on all which I can think really modified of that. There was however nothing batches little cleanings and HTML-Verlegenheiten to write here and there at the house approximately. The last mark that I re-examined my sides, amends completely right validated in accordance with the W3C-Validator.