New Changes Sun, Apr 20, 2003

Still trying to spruce things up a bit here at The Sergents. I took sometime Saturday morning and rewrote some of the web site to work with Mod_Python’s Publisher interface. It’s really slick. I remember looking at it before, but for some reason decided not to use it at the time. Maybe I had enough on my plate with the mod_python upgrade alone. So, what’s new you ask? Here’s a little list to get us going New logo Spiffy eh? New link addresses not many will notice, but it’s nice for me Minute layout changes not many will notice this either.. Web Log Archive you can now view all the old web logs entries. You can either click the Web Log link to the left or click on the name of a category to view all previous entries. That’s really about all I can think that actually changed. There were lots of little cleanups and html fixes here and there, but nothing to write home about. The last time I checked my pages all validated just fine according to the W3C Validator