This time is different Wed, Aug 23, 2006

Seems like about this time every year my internet connection develops narcolepsy. For once it does not seem to be the fault of my cable modem, but instead the Vonage phone router/adapter/bridge/thing. My best guess is that something is happening out on the internet to take that bad boy down (over and over). Because it’s frozen when I get to it I can’t see the logs, so I don’t know for sure. Frozen might not be the best term either. Lets just say it’s inaccessible. What to do, what to do? Currently the hookup goes cable modem -> phone -> bridge to server. Originally did it that way because of some perceived quality of service I might be gaining. At this point I’m more inclined to believe that’s bologna. Tonight I’ll be putting the phone behind the server. Hopefully that will at least keep the internet connection up for those needing mail and web services. Or maybe it will at least reveal the real problem.