Updating the site some more Tue, Mar 8, 2005

Jumping right into the early 00’s finally. For trying to stay so cutting edge I’ve sure managed to fall behind. My hatred for XML aside I have always been intrigued by http://www.w3c.org/RDF/ RDF and all it has to offer. So I’ve managed to cobble together an RSS feed for my site. If you use Firefox the Live Bookmark thing should show up now when on the main page. I’m still working on it, so I’m not going to be adding the goofy little xml logo that is on so many sites these days. Maybe when I finally understand what I’m doing, but that may never happen either - be it with xml/rdf or otherwise. This might lead to a question I seem to get quite often. Why don’t you just use a prefab web portal?. Honestly I have nothing against them, and some are quite nice. Every couple of years I give http://www.zope.org Zope and all it’s varied products a try. I’ve even been know to blast down the latest versions of http://www.postnuke.com/ PostNuke and the other PHP variants once in a while. In the end I do it for myself and my own learning process. I seem to get a lot out of breaking things and making them better. Forcing myself to read the standards documents (a lot of websites could make good on that one) and following the specs put forth therein. Cramming my site through the html validator, which by the way is saying I’ve got quite a bit of work in store. I’m not saying I will never change everything over to some portal thingymabob of some type, but it’s not going to happen in the near future. I’m still having way too much fun.