Does he ever stop... Tue, Mar 8, 2005

posting stuff about classical guitars? Apparently not If being on call didn’t suck so bad I might have had the time to update the web log a little more frequently. As it stands on call does suck a lot, so not as many updates. Ranting about being on call, in fact, could be an entire web site unto itself. That is a story for another time. Let the info dump begin!! I’m lucky enough to own a nice travel guitar made by Yamaha, but back in the day when I was looking around I stumbled across this guy who has a little snippet on how he made his own called Retro Blue. I have to say he did a super cool job on it. Gives a guy ideas that he could do his own, but time and space.. always an issue. Next up we have an Australian Lutenist - Michael Stitt who has been nice enough to put a ton of information about J.S. Bach and his works for lute up on his site. Just took a look and it appears they have already updated the site, which is great since it was borked up the last time I was there. You think I’m finished! HA! Only a master of defenestration could stop me now. Looking for rare sheet music? Don’t want to buy a whole book just to get one piece? Want to have it on your computer so you can print it out any time? Go check out Every Note. They have a awesome selection of music for piano, classical guitar, violin, flute, and even opera! Have my eye on a couple of Sor pieces I have not seen elsewhere. Interesting to read the little write up the have posted from the New York Times about how they acquire the music. Pay for it by the kilo. Cracks me up. Think that’s enough for now. More to come.. still catching up.