XName.org - Free Secondary DNS Wed, Feb 15, 2006

Secondary DNS can be a tricky service to maintain in this day and age. At least for an individual user. What’s that? You don’t know what DNS is? Well it’s time to educate yourself. Head over to SBC’s Internet terms page and have a read. Actually, it has a good little this is the Internet section followed by a glossary with a size-able section on Domain Name Service. Good stuff everyone should at least have a working knowledge of - that is if you’re using the Internet. Good, now you are probably wondering who is running your secondary DNS Dana? That’s a great question. Usually us geeks band together and help each other out. Josh has kindly been my secondary for years. The past few months it’s become hard. We’re jostling Internet Service Providers and replacing hardware. It gets tough to keep things rolling right. In comes XName.Org to save the day. For free they provide secondary DNS. Or in my case tertiary DNS. Three times the fun! For commercial entities they ask for a donation, but nothing required. I’m still not sure why all the big registrars don’t offer this as a service, or provide it free for customers? Seems like it would be super easy and would put one of the majors ahead in the game. What a weird business model - being a domain registrar. Don’t know much about that.

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Guess what I’m trying to say is that XName.Org is pretty sweet. Nice of them to provide such a service.