Re-re-re-re-rewrite almost complete Fri, Dec 6, 2002

I know what you’re saying. How many times can Dana possibly rewrite his web site. And it still looks the same! Well here’s a little history. 1998 A web site is born. It was only a single html page with no graphics containing only my silly bookmarks 1999 Dana learns Perl. This was my first shot at anything having to do with cgi and it was terrible, but so much fun that I’m obviously still working at it. The site used perl for a few years and it really was one of the best learning experiences. Now that I think about it I bet I still have that code lying about somewhere… 2001 Dana discovers Python. I still don’t know why I started using Python? Turns out I must have been blessed. It is by far my favorite programming language. There are many others that I enjoy using, but this is my site, so I get to use my fav. Back in those days it was just a very simple collection of cgi scripts. Then it slowly began to migrate down the Object Oriented path and became very complex yet simple, just like OOP! That’s when complacency set in. early 2002 Dana goes PHP. I decided it was time to try out yet another programming language and PHP was all the rage. I migrated the entire site over in just about 4 hours, which is a testament for the rapid development that can be done with PHP. However, my heart was just not into it. I soon pined for the days of Python and all it’s white space. Present day… mmmm mmm mmmmod_python… This is where I am today. Totally sucked into the land of mod_python. I can’t describe all the cool features I have available to me, you’ll just have to go check it out yourself. Needless to say I am happily hacking away on the site once again. Hopefully improvements will come. I might have made an error in the timinig of the rewrite as holidays are often very busy times. Some things are still not working quite right, but for the most part it is there. So chin up! Keep moving forward!