Novell buys SuSE Thu, Nov 6, 2003

Big news in our little circles. The other day Novell purchased Linux distributor SuSE. This is a huge deal considering the recent announcements from RedHat concerning the termination of their personal edition and a new focus on their enterprise line. This young market landscape is sure changing. There could be very exciting developments with Novell’s interest in Linux taken to the next level. There is some good reading over at News Forge called Putting Novell’s SuSE purchase into perspective While I understand RedHat’s decision from a financial standpoint I believe they have irrevocably damaged their credibility with the geek masses. RedHat will be supporting a new community endeavor called Fedora Linux, but I’m not very confident in it’s future. Time will tell. Many have asked which direction I’m going. Honestly, at this point, I have no idea. RedHat will continue support through April I believe. My support contract is up in March. Possibly that will be enough time to let the dust settle and see which direction Novell is going to take SuSE and if Fedora can break out. If nothing else it will be back from whence I came. Debian ran my servers for years and will do so again if necessary.

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