Much Mail to Mull Sun, Aug 29, 2004

So thanks to Jason I’ve had a GMail account for a couple of months now. My address is dana.sergent of course . Pretty slick interface with a different idea for filing stuff. Basically they want you to put all your mail in a giant pile (you start out with a 1 gig quota, if that can be called a quota) and then use the search feature to find mail later. Seems to work pretty darn well. And fast. Speaking of fast - I was extremely wary of all the javascript at first, which is the whole thing, but have had no problems with any browser I use ( Firefox and Safari) You are probably saying “How do I get one of these accounts?”. Looks like have finally unleashed the floodgates because I keep getting new invitations as fast as I can give them away. That’s right - Invite Only. Once again that is a pretty good idea for ramping up a service like this. Those Google guys and gals!