Low School, The Musical Wed, Jul 7, 2021

This one was a lot of fun. I brought over my Swart Mod 84 this time and just let’er rip. Hit it heavy with some fx tonight as well. The ambient stuff seems to turn out better. At least in this context. Some may disagree. Lay it on thick and see what happens!

Jer’s drumming was on point. My playing wasn’t half bad. I think this may be one of my favorite jams in quite some time.

Experimented with a different tuning for one song, as noted below. Kinda sounds mean.



The Beef Meats

More fuzz than you can shake a stick at. Some octave down action as well for extra thunder rumble.

Under the Sea

High school dance anyone?

Hurt Locker

Played with low E string down tuned to C, but the rest of the strings in normal tuning. So CADGBE which is technically not Drop C, but I want to say that anyways. But I’d be wrong.