Change blows this way Thu, Nov 9, 2006

The big switch over is going to be Sunday, November 12th. This is the official unofficial announcement. I know it’s a little short on notice, but I’m fairly confident we will be able to handle the change just fine. There are only minor changes needed to settings in e-mail clients. I put some directions up on the NewMailSetup page. Hopefully they are helpful. There is also a little blurb about how web based e-mail will change. I haven’t had a ton of time to test this. One of those things that is hard to test until things actually change. I will move all existing the mail over. It’s not really moving as much as copying, so no matter what happens mail will have a backup. If things start to look really bad, like the mid-term elections for Republicans, we have the option to put everything back the way it was. Here’s hoping for a smooth run. The SiteNavigation page has also been updated with some information for those that are hosted on