Weather sites need improvement Tue, Dec 6, 2005

If I were a teacher I would give all the commercial weather sites an E, or a F, or maybe an unsatisfactory, or even does not meet expectations. Seriously, they are terrible. Accuweather causes Firefox to crash 6 out of 10 times. The weather channel’s site is packed with advertisements and pop-ups, and where there hell can you find the relative humidity on their site? Good luck I say.

So I was bitching to Dave about all this, ye who spends more time outside than most outdoorsmen I know, and he suggested and sure enough it’s about the best site for weather I’ve seen. No counting for accuracy just yet. They will have to earn my trust. It is, however, my tax dollar at work. I already pay for this! Why shouldn’t I look at it!

Dammit Dave, do you dare to diagnose Dana’s deficit in determining daily doldrums?