School of Tuners Thu, Feb 9, 2006

Christmas this year brought some excellent tunage - Tuners! My old tuner was a BOSS-OLDMODEL I’ve had since I was in college. That would be the early nineties for those keeping track. Holding it together with duct tape for the last few years was getting really old. Due to my own lack of manual dexterity and the hardness of our aptly named hardwood floors the old tuner was on it’s last legs. Being that I am one of the luckiest people in the world I received not one, but two tuners as gifts for Christmas. The first is the ultra cool Intellitouch tuner. This tuner does not use a microphone. Instead it clamps on the head of the guitar in order to detect the vibration. Perfect for classical guitar, and it works incredibly well detecting even the slightest of vibrations. The display has a back-light and is very clear making it simple to read. It is easy to understand why this tuner would be perfect for live performance situations. No need to worry about ambient noise while tuning up. The other tuner is the super sleek Korg CA30. It is a more traditional microphone based tuner. I guess my exposure to tuners has been limited, or at least dated, because the microphone in this tuner is superb. Great for a super quick tune-up. The digital needle display gives the feel of looking at a real needle without any worry of parallax. The only real feature lacking in this tuner is a back light. No biggie, the display is so clear that it is easy to read in almost any light. Both are great tuners - and I now have one for each guitar. Or perhaps for upstairs and the main floor? Tough decisions to be made.