Still Fighting Fri, Dec 29, 2006

Using Django I was able to screw things up in record time. And by that I mean rewrite my site yet again. In mere minutes I went from a fully functioning site to this haphazardly thrown together piece of emu manure. Like most things I do it is at least functional if not ugly. RSS feeds and site maps are not yet available. I went ahead and moved all my pictures off to their own space.

Pictures are located at

Movies will be at But they are not there yet.

This site took me about 10 minutes to set up in Django, but trying to import the old site from MoinMoin took the bulk of the time. What a pain. At first I was crazy about the idea of a wiki, but as time grew on it became cumbersome.

My once great dream of having all this data available at the drop of a hat was just an illusion. Should have just stuck with html from the beginning. My bad. It’s all a learning process, right?

And it continues

There were many things that prompted this. Hope to elaborate on that more later. For now hang in there. Enjoy the changes. Watch the pain ensue.