The sky is not falling Mon, Jun 21, 2004

Jeremy pointed me to a very well written piece by Joel called How Microsoft Lost the API War. It’s not nearly as drastic as it seems, but does contain quite a few common themes which have been floating around since the creation of The Web as we know it today. Mainly that fat (as in phat) applications are doomed because of the web and it’s platform agnostic ways (which of course Microsoft hates). I have always agreed with this point but disagreed with the timeline many have put down. Will I stick my neck out and predict one myself? Hell no! think decades, not years. The article also contains a bunch of good stuff about development and where Microsoft is taking you today. One of my favorite quotes is:

A lot of us thought in the 1990s that the big battle would be between procedural and object oriented programming, and we thought that object oriented programming would provide a big boost in programmer productivity. I thought that, too. Some people still think that. It turns out we were wrong.

Good article to read while eating potato leak soup. All good stuff.