Catching up with Sam Tue, Sep 26, 2006

Catching up might be overstating the matter. Keeping up is more like it. I have been extremely poor at taking pictures lately, and when I have managed to snap off a few shots they have not appeared quickly on this web site. Today we rectify the situation!

  • Miscellaneous Sam pictures are sure to brighten the dullest of days.
  • State Fair summary. Ice cream for little people - cheese curds for the big ones.
  • Professional pictures of Sam taken by Engler Images Photography. He’s our favorite family photographer. There are some super shots in there and some blackmail material for when he’s older. If I’ve still got this web site up in some fashion he might be in trouble. There is a good chance of that, but by then I’ll probably be on some home spun version of python 7.8 parsing XHTRVL. Man, that will be cool.

Just to keep a funny picture rolling on the front page here’s one of Sam wearing his new winter hat.