Re-write almost complete Thu, Nov 7, 2002

Well, the rewrite is not really almost complete, but we’re up and running again. The story goes like this.. I decided to re-rewrite my whole site in php about 8 months ago as a learning experience. I learned I didn’t like php as much as python, so then I re-re-rewrote the site in python again. This time I was much (relatively) smarter than before. Well defined class structure, inheritance, the whole nine yards. This should enable me to make any changes I want in little time. That last sentence just made me laugh. About the only piece that has remained untouched since Jan. of 2001 is the image database and it’s corresponding administration tool. That’s next on the list especially considering I haven’t upgraded the Python Imaging Library since then. I think they are a few versions ahead of me. But hey! if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!?! Most people would say I hardly subscribe to that theory. Well that’s the scoop thus far. More on the way.