Summer rambling Mon, Aug 8, 2005

Long time no update! Summer always seems to zip right by. Even when it’s 119,000 degrees outside! Makes me appreciate the new air conditioner. Not much to report. Slapped some new strings on the Munich a bit ago - Augustine’s again Red basses with Imperial trebles. Also took some time to adjust the truss rod. I guess for a long time it was kind of a no-no to consider putting a truss rod in a classical guitar, but Kenny Hill decided that was crap and did it anyways. That is totally cool with me because it made it mostly easy to lower the action (distance from the fretboard to the strings). The instructions are right on their web site and made it very simple. The only problem was getting my huge hand into the sound hole. A little painful, but I’ll manage. Super awesome now, really easy to play. There should be evenless excuses for my junky technique. Back to work for me!