Finally! Some pictures! Sun, Feb 20, 2005

Yeah yeah.. I finally added some pictures after almost a year. There’s still a giant glut to get through, but this will have to do for now. Added some pictures from New Years and the vacation Katie and I took to Aruba which was way fun. Took my little silent guitar with me to Aruba. Was paranoid about taking it on the plane. Leave it to the internet to have things like this out there - Tips on traveling with a guitar . Now granted this is not a full sized guitar, but it never hurts to read some tips. In the end there were absolutely no problems and it fit on top of other people’s stuff in the overhead compartments. Was that off topic? Sure felt like it. Back on task.. I updated a bunch of stuff in my style sheet. Most probably won’t notice any differences, but if you are keen and observant you just might.