Picture migration Wed, Apr 26, 2006

Sometime way back in the old days - around 2001 or so - I started writing the Python Picture Database. It was a really fun little project and it taught me a lot about web programming, python, and databases. I had grand plans for the little program, but alas, life has different ideas for my time usage. This is the official announcement for the end of life for the never released picture database. As it stands Dave is the only remaining user. Fear not! I’ll help you export all the pictures and funny captions to import into a system of your choice. My database had over 430 pictures dating back to 2000. The process of going through them has been rather enjoyable. Kind of like pulling out old photo albums and strolling down memory lane. If you’re curious we’ll be using Gallery2 parser on this site. Go to Pictures and check it out. I’ll continue adding the old pictures as I have time. It’s not too difficult, but figuring out how to split them into groupings is a bit of a challenge. A fun challenge. As usual there will more than likely be some bugs to work out. The way things are with computers. Should be used to it by now.