Old Stuff Sat, Dec 30, 2006

All the old stuff is still around. The site index has a list of all pages on the site. Someday I will get searching working - either through Google or make something myself. I got really bored with trying to fix up and split up the terrible markup than MoinMoin left behind. For the time being the old web log stuff is all in a few pages.

  • WebLogArchive/2002/ - Update - this has been imported
  • WebLogArchive/2003/ - Update - this has been imported as well
  • WebLogArchive/2004/ - Import complete
  • WebLogArchive/2005/ - Import in progress
  • WebLogArchive/2006/ - Import in progress

Ugly I know, but that’s the way it is while I get things figured out. mod-python and apache are not getting along on top of things. Have some stuff to figure out.