New office setup Sun, Mar 27, 2005

This is pretty darn cool. Been on my to do list forever it seems like. Finally one little thing complete, but so huge. My computer room/office had been in the basement since we moved into this house back in 98. For the last.. jeeze.. probably two years I have avoided being in the room. It’s dark. There are no windows to the outside. In my younger days I loved this type of environment for spending my hacking time. Toiling away learning the latest programming language. Figuring stuff out. Something has happened in recent years. Maybe all this computer time is catching up with me. Maybe my vampire blood has been diluted. Either way.. Got my computer desk all the way upstairs in the bedroom now. Two windows! This is good. Been catching up on some long over due work today and it’s totally groovy. One down.. 67 items to go!