Mousing around Mon, Jan 15, 2007

After years of using a Logitech trackball I needed to change it up. Went to the local Apple store and picked up a Mighty Mouse II. I have to say, like most things Apple does, it’s pretty slick. A few things take a little getting accustomed to - like the touch sensitive shell. The mouse clicks by pushing the entire outer shell down over the whole bottom. Like a car body floating over the suspension. To ‘‘right click’’ I need to have none of my finger pieces touching the outer shell where my index finger usually rests. It’s taken me almost a week to train my hand. Old habits die hard. On top of it all, my life is spent in a web browser, and for those that don’t know - if your hand is already on the mouse the fastest way to go back is to right click and select back (usually the top most selection available). With this mouse that little operation can be tricky to perform. Not impossible, but definitely takes some getting used to.

Heck, if I can switch to a Dvorak keyboard layout I can manage to master this mighty mouse. Maybe.