Two thumbs up for Magnatune Sat, Apr 24, 2004

With all the hullabaloo about illegal music downloading I was pleasantly surprised to find out about Magnatune. Their slogan reads We’re a record label. But we’re not evil. They have high quality streaming audio of every artist and every song they offer. Half of anything you pay for goes directly to the artist. Downloads of the music are offered in multiple formats and you can download as many of those formats as you wish for the same price. That’s the bulk of the cool stuff. Now you won’t find Britney or whoever on this record label (thank the powers), but there is a lot of interesting music. I particularly like the material in the Jazz and Blues section. Purchased Cypress Grove Blues by Jag and have been listening to it while programming all day. Great music in my opinion. Good info all over the sight about why the founder decided to do what he did. Good stuff and well worth supporting in my opinion. Goes back to the broken business model of the recording industry as it stands today. Here is somebody with a new plan. I like the plan. I also like the music.