Internet Exploder Fury Mon, Jul 9, 2007

I forgot how much I don’t like Internet Explorer. In fact, I dislike it so much I rarely even test my own site with IE. So, as many of you probably know - and I just found out, IE7 doesn’t really care for what I’ve done with my YUI menus and all the javascript.

Have to give credit to the engineers at Microsoft for the great and descriptive Internet Explorer cannot open site operation aborted error message. That really helps a person figure things out. Thanks!

Google to the rescue - - For me it turned out that I had activated the menu in a way that IE doesn’t like. I had

YAHOO.util.Event.onContentReady("mainmenu", YAHOO.thesergents.loadmenu);

I thought that would be really cool to use the onContentReady, but IE doesn’t like how that modifies the DOM while the page is rendering. Or something. What I actually needed to do was

YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, "load", YAHOO.thesergents.loadmenu);

which waits until the window load function is triggered after the page has loaded. That’s cool. So at least that cleared up the annoying error. Now the submenus stopped working, but I’ll live with that. That was enough personal hacktime for one day. Time to get back to work.

Oh - and this kid likes turtles -

Had to end on a happy note.