How much water is too much? Mon, Mar 31, 2003

On Friday March 28th, 2003 Jason and I embarked on a journey to hydration. It was a simple contest to see who could drink the most water in a given day (business hours only). Pictures can be found here . Here were the results on the white board from the picutre:

Dana Jason Time Quantity
9:08 1000ml 9:20 946ml
9:40 1000ml 10:27 946ml
10:28 1000ml 11:39 946ml
13:31 1000ml 13:59 946ml
14:36 1000ml 14:23 946ml
14:55 1000ml 16:20 946ml
16:20 1000ml 16:55 500ml
16:39 1000ml - 0ml
Total Total
8000ml 6176ml

I think it is clearly an advantage to have a larger container in this type of situation. Over the long haul it really adds up. And no . We did not measure output. :-P