Comments return Tue, Jul 21, 2009

Once upon a time this web site had comments. Most likely when it was cobbled together in the form of a bunch of C++ cgi scripts. Those were the days! I ran across the code in one of my archives a few months ago and couldn’t begin to comprehend what I had written.

I have to admit it is hilarious to go back and read about all the frameworks and languages I’ve tried over the years <> (2002 Really?!?). I’ve migrated so many times I’m honestly not sure what happened to any of the old comments. Probably ended up in some archive with the picture database I had created years before flickr and picasa were around. Do I sound old or what?

And here in the present again it’s time to give it another go. The changes have been in place in my mercurial repository for almost a year. Not sure what the hold up was? The most likely answer: Life. After looking back at some of the really old posts I realized how fun it is to have some insight into what was going on and what was important enough to write about. I wish I had done more! I’m hoping to change that going forward. And the more I do it the easier it will become (and hopefully better).

Not much for technical details here. Used the built-in django comments framework <> which turned out to be quite simple. Still some rough edges to be worked out, but it is a start. Release and iterate right? My templates are already a mess after a nice clean start a few months ago.

And… go!