Another new look Sat, Feb 4, 2006

Couldn’t leave things alone. Always have to break things. I found this theme on the main MoinMoin site and couldn’t resist giving it a try. The change is definitely not permanent. (changes rarely are) The only problem is that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is a giant pile of poop! I get really tired of trying to figure out why IE will not follow standards that all other browsers are able to handle just fine. Luckily for me my site is opposite from what most people are likely to experience in terms of which browsers are most likely to be viewing this page - Firefox normally dominates. So, if you’re not using a browser other than Internet Explorer here’s your chance to step out of the box. Here are a couple of free browsers that rule. Give them a shot and stop endangering your own computer by using Internet Exploder.

  • - Firefox is the best browser in my opinion. Blocks pop-ups. Has a great rendering engine. Plenty fast.
  • - Opera is a great browser that has only improved over the years. Back in the day it was most noted for being incredibly fast. I have begun to use Opera once in a while for fun and it is still a great product.