Can cell phones tell time? Tue, Sep 12, 2006

Has anyone else noticed the cell phones in movies lately? Even in recent films it seems as if some of the cell phones are already out dated. Go back to the mid 90’s or even late 90’s and the cell phones look like bricks. Go back a little farther and they look like suitcases (see Lethal Weapon 1987). It used to be that I could tell when I movie was made by looking at the cars. Sometimes even the everyday technologies like coffee makers and watches. I’m sure there are those that can tell the exact season of the exact year by looking at fashion, but that’s definitely not me. Not even close. So take a look at those mobile phones. Especially those movies that are supposed to occur in the future some time. Look at these closely, they crack me up. Nice vision of the future - a machine that can predict what’s going to happen, but they are still wearing goofy little head sets and carrying around salami sized phones. Way to think outside the box. Again, no point. Just noticing.