We'd bitch if our ice cream was cold Thu, Oct 27, 2005

So after eight million council meetings and four hundred planning meetings and six or more years of actual work the Minneapolis Airport finally opened a new runway. The good news? Increased capacity by about 25 percent. Should be able to handle a lot more traffic which is good since Chicago’s O’hare airport is basically maxed out and they are years from any type of expansion. It will allow Minneapolis to be a bigger hub for the Midwest bringing business blah blah blah… The bad? Everyone bitching about the noise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan either. We live right under the flight path. The problem I see is this - Nobody wants the bad associated with the airport, but everyone wants the good. Move the airport you say? Then all we’ll here is it’s too far away and don’t ruin that land and not near my town. Bah! Can’t have it both ways. At least for a little while Katie and I will have a little less traffic over our house. Soon it will be maxed out again I’m sure, then it will be back to our normal. If I come up with a better solution I’ll be sure to let the powers-that-be know. Until then we’ll all just have to take a man pill and drink a big cup of shut the f up. Oh, here was the article that got me all fired up. Welcome to the 21st century.