Big Weekend of Pictures Sun, Jan 14, 2007

Had a couple of really fun events this weekend. First was Knowledge Front Friday mixed with the company holiday party! Not sure it gets any better than that. Everyone came over to the Sergent compound for some ribs. It was sufficiently messy that Zoe had a hard time keeping up with floor cleanup duty. She will survive I think.

Second was Sam’s first birthday party! Had a few family and friends over and it still seemed like a full house. With kids ranging in age from 10 months to 6 years anything could happen (could be argued the outer range was 33 years). It was actually pretty calm. I missed getting pictures of the actual cake eating, but got it on video. I think we’ve got about 1 hour of video to get off the camera. That means about 5 hours of video processing time. Have to get that in the schedule some time.