Ninjam Trials Tue, Jun 30, 2020

Had been meaning to post about this for quite a while. Jeremy and I had been getting together weekly for really laid back jam sessions at his super cool sound-proof home studio. Then the Covid hit and with it quarantine. The jams have sadly been absent for quite some time now. According to his site March 4th, 2020 was the last. Until now.

Enter Ninjam. Brought to us by the same people that created Reaper, the most excellent recording software.

Ninjam allows people to jam over the internet by introducing whole measure of delay. We are hearing each other basically a whole measure behind. If you turn off the metronome, like we did, then it’s an arbitrary amount of time behind. Amazing that it works at all.

Jer took everything and split it up by “themes” as he has done so many times before. And this one. And many more…

This was a great first effort and so much fun. Maybe a little rough, but a few gems here and there.


Lingering Haze

Warping Matilda

Nice Julep

Purty Birdy